Patch Level    : O11019
Display ID     : WE_V4_SW_V1.5_05152018
Ver. CodeName  : REL
Ver. Release   : 8.1.0
Sec. Patch     : 2018-04-05
Build Time     : 1526382958
Product Model  : WE V4
Product Brand  : WE
Product Name   : V4
Product Device : WE_V4
Product Manfct : teksun
Product Info   : t168ha_v1_ab1_ygw_h23a_we_o
Product Board  : t168ha_v1_ab1_ygw_h23a_we_o
Board Platform : mt6739


Read : preloader.bin
Read : recovery.img
Read : proinfo.img
Read : md1rom.img
Read : md1dsp.img
Read : spmfw.img
Read : mcupmfw.img
Read : nvram.bin
Read : lk.bin
Read : loader_ext.img
Read : boot.img
Read : logo.bin
Read : odmdtbo.img
Read : tz.img
Read : teksunhw.img
Read : vendor.img
ExtSparse : Compression ratio : 77%
Read : system.img
ExtSparse : Compression ratio : 10%
Read : cache.img
Read : userdata.img
Read : sdrpmb.img

FW Size  : 2.01 GB
Android Info saved : _Android_info.txt
Scatter  : MT6739_Android_scatter.txt
Saved to : C:\Users\RAJIB TELECOM\Desktop\New folder\we v4\MT6739__teksun__WE_V4__8.1.0__WE_V4_SW_V1.5_05152018__O11019__t168ha_v1_ab1_ygw_h23a_we_o\

Elapsed: 00:03:32

How To Flash This Firmware?

1st Step- Open the file from your computer.

2nd Step- Now open smartphone (SP) flash Tool.

3rd step- Open the Download Option from a smartphone (SP) flash tool.

4th Step- Then, open the Scatter-Loading file Option.

5th Step- Now, from firmware folder, select Scatter file.

6th Step- Press the Download/Upgrade button. Wait until the flash process is done.

7th Step- Press Boot Button Volume-/Volume+

8th Step- Now remove the USB cable, reconnect the battery & press the power button.

9th Step- Your flash/update is complete.

What is Firmware or Flash file ?

Firmware or Flash File is a OS that your device runs. Yes, It is like our PC’s Windows OS. It is a software and without it Your device is dead. Remember it, Your device is Body but Firmware is Life. Flashing new firmware helps your device in every possible ways. It will make your device like new bought phone. So, if you are having trouble with your phone wand want a solution. Then Flash a firmware that matches with your device model. 
You can use this firmware to solve these Problems and many more:

•  Logo Problem Fix

•  LCD Related Problem Fix. (Blinking, Color Related)

•  Monkey Virus Fix

•  Slow performance Fix

•  Phone Storage Full Fix

•  System file missing and Corruption  Fix

•  Unfortunately App has been stopped Fix

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